Accumulation Tables

Volumetric Technologies Accumulation Conveyors are positioned at the end of a production or conveyor line where your containers gently collect on the rotary stainless steel surface. The completed products can be held there for an operator to finish pack off of the finished containers.

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Power Requirements

Electric (Varies)


Adjustable up to 60 ft per minute


Full Washdown


Rotary Accumulation Table Overview

Volumetric Technologies designs and manufactures the highest quality accumulating equipment in the industry to meet a wide variety of needs. Our Rotary Accumulation Tables are precision designed and built to last.

Rotary accumulation tables allow collation and accumulation of products from conveying lines. This creates a buffer between the conveying line speeds and the speed of an operator hand-packing the products off the line.

Accumulation Table Options

  • Multiple table sizes
  • Lockable, adjustable casters
  • Docking mechanism

Accumulation Table Features

  • Stainless steel construction for the toughest environments
  • Easy adjustable rails for containers of all sizes and shapes
  • Gentle on container surfaces
  • Variable speed