Gap Transfer Conveyors

A Gap Transfer Conveyor by Volumetric Technologies transfers your filled or empty containers from one standard conveyor to another by gripping the sides of the container as it is transferred. This unique gap transfer process leaves the bottom of the container open and available for either inkjet or laser code dating without stopping or slowing down the filling or capping process. This innovative Gap Transfer Conveyor design by Volumetric Technologies facilitates downstream inspection of the code dating.

Volumetric Technologies also offers end-to-end transfer conveyors which transfer your filled or empty containers from the one table top conveyor to another. This is a simple and reliable method to conjoin multiple conveyors together.

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Power Requirements

Electric (Varies)


Adjustable up to 60 ft per minute


Full Washdown

Gap Transfer Conveyor Options

  • Multiple machine frame options
  • Multiple chain / belt options
  • Different length options

Gap Transfer Conveyor Features

  • Adjustable widths for multiple containers
  • Stainless steel construction for the toughest environments
  • Variable speed