Frequently Asked Questions About Piston Fillers

Frequently Asked Questions About Piston Fillers

In the world around us, countless products we use daily are produced and filled using some type of piston filler equipment. From salsas to syrups, lotions to shampoos a piston filler likely filled the container you are holding. Is your business in the market this equipment? Let’s answer a few questions.

Piston fillers are one of the most commonly used machines for liquid filling. The piston filler market is expected to reach almost $37 billion in 2022 due to the machine’s practicality and accessibility.

Depending on your particular needs, piston fillers can be used for various liquids ranging from water to thick nut butters with particulates. If you want answers to the most frequently asked questions about piston fillers, stick with us.

Is It Automated?

It depends on the type you choose. Certain piston fillers are fully automated, while others function with semi-automation. Each option has its pros and cons, and their usefulness will depend entirely on why you need them.

Automatic piston fillers are best suited for bigger productions requiring conveyor belts and automatic indexing. This version of the piston filler is made of stainless steel, and it has leveling legs. You can set it up through a touch screen, where you will also be able to keep an eye on all its parameters.

If your production is smaller, semi-automatic piston fillers are the choice for you. They usually come as adjustable tabletop versions and can be easily upgraded as technology advances. However, they require a more hands-on approach. So, an operator will have to place the containers, initiate a cycle, and then remove a full container manually.

Can It Handle High-Viscosity Liquids?

Absolutely. In fact, piston fillers are best equipped to handle high-viscosity liquids out of all machines that serve the same purpose. Because of their propulsion mechanism, they can fill a container of dense liquid quickly and efficiently.

You don’t need to be concerned with blockages that will delay and potentially stop production. Piston fillers can even process liquids holding particulates and whole product pieces, such as jam. Because the liquid is moved from the hopper to the cylinder, the parts are dealt with before reaching the nozzle.

Can I Use Different Containers?

Yes. The beauty of these machines is that they are usually not limited in terms of their purpose. You can use them to deposit liquids into containers that are anywhere on the scale, from small to large. The material of the container is also of no consequence.

So, you can use the same machines to fill anything ranging from oil into steel tanks to marmalade into glass jars. There is no limit to the choices, and it’s up to you to figure out what the most productive use for the machine is.

Can I Use Different Nozzles?

Most definitely. Many kinds of nozzles exist for a reason, and you can change and adjust them according to your needs. Nozzles are determined based on the product you are filling and the container you are filling into. For example, you may have a small tip nozzle for filling hot sauce into a thin glass jar and a wide nozzle for filling chunky salsas into a wide jar.

Volumetric Technologies: The Best Piston Filler Choice

Piston fillers are some of the most useful elements of any production, regardless of their size and purpose. However, the market has various options for piston fillers.

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