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The Top 3 Features of Filling Machines That Boost Productivity

Bakeries rely on the quality of their manufacturing equipment as much as they rely on the skill of their bakers. Without a great oven to cook their pastries in or mixers to whip their batter, even the most talented confectioner will have difficulty turning a profit.

However, a bakery isn’t just about ovens and mixers. A good bakery also needs top-notch filling / depositing equipment to inject sweet fillings into their baked goods or apply icing to their pies and cakes.

Without decent filling machinery, bakers must accomplish these things by hand, an inefficient substitute. This is truer for large-scale bakeries rather than mom-and-pop operations. Well-designed and engineered machinery is a necessity.

But when choosing their filling equipment, bakery owners should consider these three signs of an excellent piece of machinery.


When your business needs to deliver dozens upon dozens of pies and thousands of cream-filled goodies, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Find a machine that can perform your filling steps quickly and efficiently to ensure that not a second of your day is wasted. Ask the manufacturer what their machines’ filling volume is, how many cycles does it complete every minute, and what size particulate can the machine’s nozzles accommodate. See if their answers align with the type of baked goods you’re expecting the machine to handle.

You also want a machine that can accomplish its task accurately. No matter how fast a filling machine operates, drips and overfilled product results in unacceptable losses. By eliminating product waste, a good filling machine saves money based on how accurately it can dispense product repeatably.


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A good filling machine helps you meet your bakery’s production target by the end of the day. But a great one also offers you versatility.

Multiple dispensing nozzles and modular assembly features allow you to get more out of your filling machine. Bakeries with multiple products that require filling can use the same machine for different functions. Instead of purchasing two machines, great filling equipment can be reconfigured after each batch is completed to assist in the production of another product.

A bakery that produces pies, eclairs, and iced cupcakes can produce all three desserts with ease from the same machine.


Even if a machine is versatile enough to help produce multiple kinds of desserts and pastries, it must also be easy to clean. With too many parts to clean or poor design that inhibits efforts to sanitize it thoroughly, a filling machine is equally likely to contaminate food as much as it pumps pastries full of sweet cream.

An ideal filling machine can easily be disassembled for regular cleaning without requiring tools, and is made of materials that are durable and easy to clean. A machine that helps speed up cleaning processes is also a boost to production, as it reduces downtime between batches.

When a bakery owner finds a filling machine with all three of these features, they’ve not only found a machine that can boost their profits, they’ve found a tool they can rely on.

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