Spotlight on Rotary Cup Filling Machines

Rotary Cup Filler MachineAt Volumetric Technologies, we provide top-of-the line Rotary Cup Filling Machines that are designed and manufactured in the United States. Our Rotary Cup Filling Machines are suitable for many industries including food, dairy, and cosmetics and designed to meet your needs to fill, denest, seal, and lid products into stackable containers. 

Depending on your workload specifications, particularly your container, product, and seal type, our fully automatic Rotary Cup Filling Machines can fill up to 50 cups per minute per lane, are made from FDA/USDA approved stainless steel and are suitable for containers ranging from 1oz to 6lbs.

How Do Our Rotary Cup Fillers Function?

Volumetric Technologies’ Rotary Cup Fillers use a vacuum-assisted cup denester to deliver the cups to carrier plates where they are then indexed to a filling station to be filled with liquid or dry products. Your choice of seal is then secured onto the product and the container is indexed to the lid station where a lid is applied if necessary. Finally, the finished container is automatically ejected to a transfer plate or take-away conveyor.

Easily Configured for Your Needs

All Volumetric Technologies’ Rotary Cup Fillers are customizable, designed specifically for your business’ workload and will fill and seal your products with efficiency and impressive results. All of our machines are equipped with a PLC solid state controller and are servo driven for complete flexibility, precision and speed with easy configuration for your products and containers. They also come equipped with touch screen operator interfaces that have menu driven controls for ease of use and adjustability. Rotary Cup Machine Filler

We also provide two filling options for your Rotary Cup Filler: Piston which provides the highest product fill accuracy, with the lowest level of product degradation or Servo Rotary Pump which is ideal for liquids and liquid type slurries with smaller particulates. The entire line of Volumetric Technologies’ cup filling machines come equipped with advanced design features to guarantee that your products are packaged to your specifications every time. If you’re looking for the highest quality cup filling machine in the industry then look no further than Rotary Cup Filling Machines from Volumetric Technologies.

Bakery Depositor & Filling Machine Options from Volumetric

All of Volumetric Technologies filling machines are designed to fill products at the fastest speed with the highest accuracy rate with the lowest level of product degradation. Just like all of our other products, our Piston Bakery Fillers are made with the highest grade of FDA/USDA approved materials and stainless steel. 

Bakery Filler Depositor MachinesFor your bakery kitchen needs, Volumetric Technologies line of Bakery Depositors and Filler Machines are the perfect solution for all your filling needs, whether manual or electric. All machines are customizable and built to be tailored to your individual businesses needs. 

All of our filler and depositor machines start with the horizontal and incline series machines. Read about all of our offerings for depositor and filling lines below.

Piston Filler / Depositors for Bakeries

Bakery Piston FIllers / DepositorFor tray machines, pie lines, and dough sheeters with the ability to handle large particulates, piston filler/depositors are typically used in conjunction with multiple automated lines for efficiency and product preservation. Available in single or multiple head, with numerous options and add-ons such as choice in nozzles, carriages, choice of hopper and much more.

Portable Bench Top Piston Filler

A lightweight, versatile, no electricity required table top filler, bench top piston fillers are perfect for liquid or gel products such as fruit fillings, sauces, shampoos, soaps, essential oils and so much more. Customizable to fit your exact needs, with different nozzle options for multiple bakery needs for filling anything from doughnuts to pies to cupcakes.

Servo Controlled Bakery Filler

A sturdy, user-friendly, dependable Servo filling machine, that can handle up to 18 fills at a time. Control this machine via the touch screen menu to custom configure the machine for your filling purposes. Select this machine for tray filling, cup filling, and pie and doughs.

Pump Fill Station

Bakery Pump Fill StationPerfect for depositing soups, stews, cheese sauces, refried beans and ready to eat products into bags or pouches. This robust machine can handle hot or cold materials, is completely portable, and operated with hand and foot. Make the process one step easier with the available vacuum heat sealer. Our Bakery Pump Fill Stations are easy to break down, easy to clean, since no tools are required for disassembly.

Horizontal Piston Filler

For liquid and semi-liquid products with particulates, the Horizontal Piston Filler is the most innovative machine available. Use this machine either on the floor or on the table for bottom-up filling. Like many of our machines, this comes with your choice of single or multiple head design. Tool-free for easy break-down and in-sink cleaning and height adjustable with manual or electric screw actuators.

Servo Positive Displacement Pump Filler & Depositor

If you want a machine faster than the Piston Filler, with recharge time, then the Servo Pump Filler is right for you. Use this machine for liquids and liquid type slurries with small particulates. This machine comes in a variety of styles for a variety of uses, most commonly for dough sheet lines, ribbon stripper for fruit slurry stripes on dough sheets. Most of our customers use this machine along with a conveyor line to further ease the bottle filling process. Read more about this incredibly accurate Pump Filler.