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Solutions to Product Inconsistencies in Food and Beverage Packaging

Of all industries, the food industry calls for the most caution. Because of the direct impact on health, food products ;are highly scrutinized by shoppers, and when a major inconsistency or problem occurs, they will not hesitate to leave for another brand. To make matters worse, consumers are more likely to remember the negative publicity given to food companies compared to other products. Their well-being, after all, is at stake.

This is why product consistency is crucial in sustaining a customer base. McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm, says product consistency (grouped under customer journey consistency) is one of the three factors of customer satisfaction. All it takes is one blunder to totally ruin any customer loyalty your company has worked so hard to build.

Even if you are using accurate liquid filling machines, there may still be small inaccuracies that lead to visible inconsistencies. Don’t wait for your customers or distributors to notice them — prevent inconsistencies and issues before your product heads out for shipping.

Valve and Piston Wear Causes Volume Inaccuracies

The advantage of a piston filling machine is that it fills packages to an accurate volume. It is highly accurate for high and low-viscosity liquids. However, even if they are built to last, liquid filling and depositing machines are not immune to wear and tear.

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After thousands to millions of cycles, the valving and piston deteriorates, leading to leakage and less accuracy. Small volume differences may not be noticed by the average shopper, but it is best not to take chances. There are meticulous consumers and even more meticulous distributors who are wary of discrepancies. This is even more crucial if you have an expensive product where less accuracy leads to more product giveaway and therefore less profit.

Regular maintenance checks ensure that a piston filling machine is in good shape. If your equipment’s volume accuracy is reduced, your team can review the valving and pistons for wear and tear.

Broken Seals Cause Leaking, Dripping, and Inaccuracies

Leaking and dripping are signs that the seals in a liquid filling machine may be worn out. Even if dripping and leaking do not hurt product integrity, it will compromise the accuracy of product volume; something customers could notice. Moreover, it leads to product wastage, which over time amounts to profit loss.

In some cases, the inconsistency needs a simple solution — new seals. All Volumetric Technologies pistons fillers have easily replaceable seals. These are the most common, least expensive, and most overlooked wear component on piston filling equipment.

Product inconsistencies, even if they seem imperceptible, can drive a wedge between you and loyal customers and distributors. Maintenance should be performed with care and caution in order to keep producing consistently excellent products.

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