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Servo Piston Fillers: What Is a Servo Motor Used For?

What Is a Servo Driven Piston Filler?

A servo driven piston filler is a version of piston filling machine that precisely controls the amount of liquid that flows out of the dispensing nozzle. The machine’s program instructs the servo piston filler how long to stroke the piston and at exact customizable speeds. Together, the technology and hardware ensure that the volume deposited in the passing receptacles below is uniform and the exact amount.

Purpose of Servo Motors in Filling Equipment

The servo motor is the key to the precision and efficiency of the servo-driven piston filling machines at Volumetric Technologies. It is also what makes it possible for liquid filling machines to accommodate specialty applications that require very precise filling characteristics. This could be useful in all industries from bakery to cosmetics.

It is also thanks to the servo motor drive assembly that you get exact amounts of liquids or mixtures for every pump. They reduce the margin of error for volume accuracy to nearly zero. If you were to revert to manually filling bottles or spooning filling into pies, it will take a much longer time to ensure that each container gets the same amount of product every single time.

Reap the Benefits of Servo Piston Fillers through Volumetric Technologies

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Servo piston fillers offer the following benefits of automation:

  • Speed – Piston fillers can operate up to 80 deposits per minute.
  • Precision – These computer-aided machines perform precisely as programmed, increasing efficiency and reducing production waste.
  • Scalability – If you need to increase your output, you can outfit your machine to have extra depositors (up to 24 single head depositors in one filling system). You can then increase your productivity by up to 80 deposits multiplied by the number of heads in your scaled-up production or packaging line.
  • Durability – Servo motors and Volumetric Technologies’ machines are all built to last. We built our machines to run continuously without faltering in their speed and accuracy. Volumetric Technologies adds another benefit: we provide unparalleled technical support to our customers by producing replacement parts and servicing the machines ourselves. We make sure that your piston filler performs as well and for as long as expected.
  • Flexibility – Any filling machine by Volumetric Technologies has some flexibility in structure and function. You can use the same machine for dispensing different kinds of mixtures. Depending on how different the products and containers are, you may have to replace the nozzles in the filling machine to operate as best possible.

Volumetric Technologies has a wide range of servo piston fillers for you to choose from. Tell us what you need, and we will give you our recommendations on how to set up your liquid filling system using our servo piston filling machines. We can also customize your equipment to better suit your needs.

You can soon achieve your goal of increasing revenue with top of the line filling equipment from Volumetric Technologies. Get in touch today.