Responding to Customer Demands with Liquid Filling Lines

The food manufacturing industry has seen continuous growth for the past few years. According to Food Engineering’s 2016 Annual State of Food Manufacturing Survey, sales have been consistently high in the industry. The same can be said for 2017 as revealed in that year’s survey.

But along with the increase in sales comes the increase in production demand. To respond to the growing demands, manufacturers felt the need to make improvements in their production.

How Manufacturers Are Improving Their Production

According to the 2016 survey, some manufacturers have invested in infrastructure to expand their plants and increase their production rates. Data from the succeeding year’s report saw companies reaping the benefits of expanding their capacity.

Many companies have also focused on upgrading their equipment as a response to the significant decrease of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in 2016. Respondents said that they set aside around 22 percent of their company’s total budget for new production, packaging, and process control equipment, while 88 percent of the respondents expressed plans to upgrade their existing equipment.

New Priorities Leave Food Safety Behind

As a response to rising consumer demands, workplace expansion and equipment upgrades became the new priorities for manufacturers. Unfortunately, existing priorities and other important aspects of the industry were left in the backseat.

Food safety management, for example, saw a drastic decline. In 2018 alone, Food Engineering has reported at least six cases of companies recalling various food items for the possible presence of salmonella, E.coli, and other disease-carrying microorganisms. To combat this situation, manufacturers intensified their focus on allergen-controlling procedures and preventative control points to reduce the health risks of their food products.

Reliable Filling Machines in the US

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