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Preventive Maintenance Guide for Piston Filling Machines

Purchasing any machinery is an investment. When purchasing a piston filler and depositor machine, you’ll want to perform preventive maintenance regularly, that way the equipment you’ve purchased always stays in peak condition. Afterall, ignoring proper upkeep of machinery can mean the financial burden of repairing a damaged machine plus the probable losses that stem from unplanned downtime in your production. Preventive maintenance will keep your investment in optimal condition for as long as possible.

Volumetric Technologies offers the following suggestions for preventive maintenance on piston filling machines and depositors:

  • Apply liberal amounts of grease to dynamic O-rings and seals to ensure all sliding components are well lubricated. Lubrication is important for any components that cycle continuously for many hours at a time.
  • Inspect all mechanical components to the machine on a regular basis. This allows you to catch any problems right away and get them repaired before they cause more issue in the future.
  • Perform a functionality test on all electrical sensors and valves. Electrical components can be the most common failure component due to the amount of cycles and often wet environment. Catching an electrical issue at the source will save many hours of troubleshooting and production downtime.
  • Disassemble only the mechanical components that are meant to be disassembled for cleaning. Use proper cleaning agents to ensure you are cleaning the components appropriately.
  • Keep an eye out for variation in the performance of the machine This could include nozzle drips that were not there previously, large variation in the dispense volumes, or a change in the machine cycle speeds.

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Choose Quality Filling Machines from Quality Manufacturers

Preventive maintenance preserves any machine’s quality and performance. With proper handling and care, your piston filling and depositing machine can function for the entirety of its expected lifespan, maybe longer.

As a manufacturer and designer of filling machines and entire production lines, Volumetric Technologies is the best source of maintenance tips for all machines, accessories, and peripherals under our brand.

If you purchased our automatic and manual piston fillers and piston depositors, rest assured that our service team will instruct your operators and employees on how to properly maintain your equipment.

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