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How Filling Equipment Helped Change The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry has come a long way thanks to various equipment that has made the process easier. Before, it was particularly hard to properly fill liquid containers because of spills and inaccurate measurements.

There is a wide variety of filling equipment available in today’s market. From pressure fillers to piston fillers and pump fillers, there is something out there that can address your filling challenges in a convenient and efficient way.

Simpler and easier

Filling equipment eliminated various filling problems such as inaccurate and sloppy filling that resulted in contaminated and low-quality products.

Filling equipment also helped increase production rates. Because of a simple, systematic filling approach, the filling process can now be done twice as fast without fear of imprecise measurements. This results in more products being produced in a shorter period of time with fewer waste.

Some of these filling machines are also equipped with touch screen HMI’s with menu-driven control for easier operation. These machines require little manual adjustments and minimal human intervention during production.

Secured and safe products

As we all know, food and other products such as cosmetics, require very careful handling and packaging because they can be hazardous to health when exposed to contaminants.

Filling equipment revolutionized packaging food and beverages as well as cosmetic products by making sure that they are packed safely and free from contaminants.


Many filling equipment today is compatible with food and non-food products. They can be used to transfer and/or fill containers with fluids of varying viscosity, from free-flowing liquids to thick creams.

Volumetric Technologies’ filling equipment is made from high-grade stainless steel and is durable enough to withstand sanitation chemicals used in food manufacturing. When pumping specialty chemical products, we adapt our equipment to ensure proper operation and longevityin your application.

Fully integratable and upgradeable

Aside from the convenience they bring, filling machines are fully integratable and upgradeable. As the company expands, the demand for more finished products will also increase. With increased finished products often brings more packaging equipment. Modern filling equipment has the capabilities to fully integrate with other packaging equipment. If you do not require integration initially, your equipment is upgradeable in the future to meet your integration needs.

The packaging industry would indeed be very different without filling equipment. We would still be stuck with inaccurate fill volumes or lots of waste product due to sealing issues. The convenience and speed of production they have provided us are incomparable. What is more, technological advancements will soon pave the way to more highly innovative filling machines in the future.

We provide high-quality filling solutions


With more than 25 years in of experience, Volumetric Technologies Inc. is dedicated toproviding high-quality and dependable filling solutions to various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetic, and industrial sectors.

Our products are defined by accuracy, speed, and precision, three outstanding qualities needed in every piece of filling equipment. At Volumetric Technologies, we understand that productivity and ease of process are important for you and your business.

Consider our products and services as investments that will keep paying off for many years to come. Contact us today for more information. For questions, fill out our request form here.