Automatic Pail Filling Lines

Volumetric Technologies Automatic Pail Filling Lines are designed to accurately fill pails of your product by net weight or by volume. The fully automatic pail filling equipment will de-nest your tubs or pails onto the conveying line. The line indexes your containers to the filling station, where the filling system fills your container. Once the load cell weight or volumetric fill is satisfied, the pails are released where they will travel downstream to be lidded.

Volumetric Technologies Automatic Pail Filling Lines are perfect for filling a wide variety of products such as bulk fruit slurries, pie fillings, sour cream, chocolate sauces as well as many industrial lubricant products that are liquid or self-leveling slurries. Net Weight Pail Filling Machines have a variety of servo-controlled pump and piston filler options, so we can select the best pump to fill your products.

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