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Filling and Dispensing Nozzles Are Not One-Type-Fits-All

The manufacturing process is almost always unique to a product or brand. Companies that manufacture different products could use similar machines, but there will be different factors, like capacities, speeds, and sizes.

Even companies that make the same products are bound to use customized machines. It might even be necessary if they want to differentiate by creating different textures, colors, shapes, scents, ingredients, etc. They can still use the same machines their competitors use, but with a few modifications.

This is the reason dispensing nozzles are available in so many variations. A fluid piston filler, for example, may be able to dispense a wide range of liquids, like perfumes, beverages, and creams. But first, manufacturers must find nozzles or tips that can dispense each of these fluids quickly and evenly.

At Volumetric Technologies, we have dispensing needles and tips that are suitable for liquids of different viscosity levels. Nozzles for slurries, creams, chemicals, and thick food products like sausage meat are all different as well.

Here’s a closer look at some examples of dispensing nozzles for piston filling machines.

Kinds of Filling and Dispensing Nozzles

  1. Food grade dispensing nozzles – You’ll find many options of dispensing nozzles for food alone. There are dispensing tips for thin liquids and thick creams; and between them, there are different sizes and extra features like no-drip, laminar, anti-splash, and clean cutoff. As mentioned above, slurries like stews, sauces, and gravy also need different nozzles, as do ground meat, cheese, and dough.
  2. Liquid dispensing nozzles –We can treat these as a different category from food dispensing nozzles because there’s a wide range of liquid products that are dispensed in bottles, cans, sachets, and the like. Whipped cream, for example, has whip-it dispensing nozzles in their cans. Dispensing nozzles for milk should look different, but they might also be used for water, juices, and rubbing alcohol because these are all watery liquid.
  3. Adhesive dispensing nozzles- These are more commonly used in production and assembly lines where pieces of a whole are glued together. Unlike with the nozzles for food, which can dispense product with an aesthetic design or look (think of icing on a cake), adhesive nozzles are much simpler. The tiny amounts of product they dispense don’t have to look a certain way, so the main focus for fillers that use these nozzles are cleanliness, uniformity, and speed.
  4. Fuel dispensing nozzles– These are mounted on a handheld piston filler that’s connected to the fuel hose. These nozzles can endure the pressurized fuel that’s dispensed from the pump. Since there are plenty of applications in different industries (e.g. aerospace, motorsport, automotive), it’s likely that the manufacturers will also customize the fuel nozzles to match their different needs.

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These are just some of the different kinds of dispensing nozzles that are available to manufacturing and manufacturing lines. They may be tiny and unassuming as far as machine parts go, but they are one of the most important parts of a piston filler.

Volumetric Technologies can give you more information on the different types of dispensing nozzles and even recommend some. We design and build piston filling machines, so you can rest assured that our recommendations will be based on your needs, existing machines, and production targets.

Explore our website to learn more about our dispensing nozzles and their applications. You can also talk to one of our specialists for a consultation. Contact us to schedule an appointment.