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Practical Methods to Improving Bakery Production

Comfort foods have a place in most people’s hearts; baked goods, in particular, bringing up warm nostalgic memories of being at grandma’s house or baking Christmas cookies for Santa during the holidays. The love of these foods would explain the reason why bakeries have seen increasing popularity for the past decade. US bakery product shipments amounted to roughly $30.59 billion in value in 2016, a massive increase from $21.3 billion in 2022. Fresh bread and rolls are consumer favorites, with nearly $14 billion worth of products consumed, and cookies come in third at $9.2 billion.

Driven By Consumer Demand

Commercial bakeries must stay on pace to meet the country’s constant need for bread and other baked goods. And where there is demand usually comes business growth. This growth can mean upgrading or retooling your bakery’s system.

Volumetric Technologies’ experience in the industry has proven that even small bakeries can rise in popularity and grow in a profitable yet fiercely competitive market. Some bakeries invest in machine upgrades such as food-grade transfer pumps and piston fillers to increase production. Others update their production strategies to expand their product line.

Looking for Methods to Improve Efficiency?

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Utilizing technology

As previously noted, bakeries benefit from machine and technology upgrades and additions. This allows them to prepare baked goods much more quickly than human staff alone. Upgrades also enable staff to focus on other processes that are difficult to automate while the machines do the mechanical, repetitive work such as kneading, mixing, and depositing. For example, bakers can focus on decorating cakes as automatic piston fillers stuff pastries and doughnuts. Meanwhile, a conveyor belt can help streamline the glazing process while bakers concentrate on cutting or shaping the dough.

Bakeries use lots of fillings, batters, and doughs. The product amount becomes much more consistent when the machines can do the work (and why not let them!). So, adding automation like a bakery depositor or filler will help portions of ingredients be consistent without product degradation. They are also enabling higher volume production paired with higher quality results! Not to mention ensuring the accuracy in portioning of ingredients through technology. Specialized equipment is designed to eliminate human error, thus ensuring consistency in the products.

Controlling use of raw materials

It’s very easy to waste raw materials in a bakery. Too much flour, overuse of eggs, excessive sugar use, overflow of filling, and other such things can be common. Occasionally, commercial bakeries produce bad batches of dough or burnt goods, resulting in unsellable products.

Raw materials make up approximately 25% of the cost of a product. Controlling the amount of raw material used during the preparation process can improve production by reducing and eliminating wastage. You can make recipes more uniform, so all the products appear identical, with little to no excess.

Streamline Your Commercial Bakery’s Processes

If you’re considering an expansion or boosting your bakery’s production, ensure that you use reliable equipment that will help you meet production, quality, and sanitation standards. Doing so allows your business to deliver consistently high-quality products while reducing wastage of materials and increasing efficiency.

Volumetric Technologies specializes in providing the food and drink industry with equipment that cuts production time and ensures product uniformity. Contact us today to request more information about our equipment or see our bakery line.