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Choosing the Right Table Top Conveyor for Your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business

The pharmaceutical industry develops and manufactures drugs that prevent, treat, cure, or diagnose illness or disease. This sector, particularly the global pharmaceuticals market, is growing at a steady pace. A recent report by The Business Research Company, a market research firm, revealed that the market would grow from $934.8 billion in 2017 to $1.17 Trillion in 2021.

If you plan to enter the thriving pharmaceutical manufacturing business, one of the pieces of equipment you’ll need is a conveyor for the production line of pharmaceutical and medical products. Getting the right machine for your facility is crucial, as you’ll need a machine that performs product accumulation, high-speed filling, packaging, labeling, and tracking accurately, cleanly, and safely.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying a table top conveyor for your pharmaceutical manufacturing facility:

Safety and Sanitation

Check if the conveyor system you want has features that help you adhere to the sanitation and safety standards of your facility. See if the machine offers one or more of the following:

  • Stainless steel or anodized aluminum frames
  • Lockable reject bins that can catch all non-compliant pharmaceutical and medical items
  • Photo eyes or vision systems that can help assist with product inspection


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The kind of belt you need for your conveyor would depend on the products in your facility. Keeping lightweight pharmaceuticals, such as pills and capsules, in place on a conveyor can be difficult due to their weight. This also makes orientation and precise spacing a challenge during processing.

If you’re thinking about installing conventional flat or thin belts, you may want to reconsider. Medications, for instance, can’t force the belt to stay flat. Additionally, thin belts could curl when placed under tension. Instead of conventional belts, opt for vacuum belting. As well as being fully customizable, vacuum belting can help hold down light pharmaceuticals.


Most pharma products have a size that is less than an inch, which means that transferring items from one conveyor to another can be a challenge. So if you’re getting a conveyor system, you will need one that has a roller diameter of less than an inch. Otherwise, the items will fall between the conveyors.

The roller diameter of conventional conveyor systems is 1.26 inches or bigger. You, however, can find machines with end rollers that are 0.63 in diameter. Alternatively, you can choose conveyors with nose bars that can effectively transfer pharma products with a size of less than an inch.

Conveyors aren’t simply machines that move products from one location to another, they are integral to the accuracy, cleanliness, and safety of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Consideration of the previously mentioned factors when choosing a conveyor can help you produce top-quality pharma items for your clients.

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