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Choosing a Conveyor System for Food Processing? Stainless Steel is a Great Option

Businesses operating in the food processing industry can benefit from using stainless steel over other materials. According to a report made by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, stainless steel is chemically inert. Its constituent metals do not transfer to or react with food in any significant way. On top of that, the material is versatile. People can manufacture stainless steel into smooth, non-absorbent utensils, equipment, and surfaces.

Companies that need conveyor automation technologies to safely and effectively process and handle edible products, such as ice cream, frozen pizzas, and seafood, can choose conveyor systems constructed with stainless steel. Here’s why this is a great option:

Preserves Flavor

One of the most important qualitative measures for any food is taste. This measure, in fact, is consumers’ number one preference for new foods and beverages. When it comes to food processing, many lower-grade conveyors could affect the quality and flavor of the ingredient or product going through the conveyor equipment. A few select conveyor belt materials, on the other hand, do not affect the quality and flavor. On top of that, food processing conveyors are less likely to produce particulates that could contaminate the products.

Easy to Clean

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict requirements for food processing equipment. Facility managers must take every effort to clean the equipment frequently and avoid the spread of disease and bacteria. The good news is that cleaning is easy with conveyor systems made of stainless steelwith special designs for easy sanitation.There are many belt options and some of them have a nonporous and flat surface and do not absorb bacteria.

Sanitizing stainless steel conveyors is easy, as well. Spraying the equipment down with sanitation solutions and scrubbing it thoroughly will eliminate any germs lingering on the surface.

Ideal for Freezing and Cooking Applications


Stainless steel belts are highly resistant to extreme temperatures. These belts:

Hold up to high heat without losing their shape

Transition smoothly from a freezing stage to a cooking stage (and vice versa)

Are more reliable and last much longer than plastic belts under extreme temperatures

Are great for handling and cooking raw ingredients. They cook food evenly and thoroughly, thanks to the even and quick transfer of heat.

Indeed, a stainless steel constructed conveyor is an excellent piece of equipment in a food processing facility, as it preserves flavor, is easy to clean, and is great for applications that involve cooking and freezing. If you’re looking for this type of conveyor, Volumetric Technologies has what you need. You can easily integrate our stainless steel constructed table-top chain conveyors into your existing machines.

Our conveyors are also available in hygienic, closed top, and open top designs. We produce them for use with all kinds of packaging and filling machines to convey goods to and from various manufacturing lines. Get in touch with us today for inquiries about our conveyors.