How Filling Equipment Helped Change The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry has come a long way thanks to various equipment that has made the process easier. Before, it was particularly hard to properly fill liquid containers because of spills and inaccurate measurements.

There is a wide variety of filling equipment available in today’s market. From pressure fillers to piston fillers and pump fillers, there is something out there that can address your filling challenges in a convenient and efficient way.

Simpler and easier

Filling equipment eliminated various filling problems such as inaccurate and sloppy filling that resulted in contaminated and low-quality products.

Filling equipment also helped increase production rates. Because of a simple, systematic filling approach, the filling process can now be done twice as fast without fear of imprecise measurements. This results in more products being produced in a shorter period of time with fewer waste.

Some of these filling machines are also equipped with touch screen HMI’s with menu-driven control for easier operation. These machines require little manual adjustments and minimal human intervention during production.

Secured and safe products

As we all know, food and other products such as cosmetics, require very careful handling and packaging because they can be hazardous to health when exposed to contaminants.

Filling equipment revolutionized packaging food and beverages as well as cosmetic products by making sure that they are packed safely and free from contaminants.


Many filling equipment today is compatible with food and non-food products. They can be used to transfer and/or fill containers with fluids of varying viscosity, from free-flowing liquids to thick creams.

Volumetric Technologies’ filling equipment is made from high-grade stainless steel and is durable enough to withstand sanitation chemicals used in food manufacturing. When pumping specialty chemical products, we adapt our equipment to ensure proper operation and longevityin your application.

Fully integratable and upgradeable

Aside from the convenience they bring, filling machines are fully integratable and upgradeable. As the company expands, the demand for more finished products will also increase. With increased finished products often brings more packaging equipment. Modern filling equipment has the capabilities to fully integrate with other packaging equipment. If you do not require integration initially, your equipment is upgradeable in the future to meet your integration needs.

The packaging industry would indeed be very different without filling equipment. We would still be stuck with inaccurate fill volumes or lots of waste product due to sealing issues. The convenience and speed of production they have provided us are incomparable. What is more, technological advancements will soon pave the way to more highly innovative filling machines in the future.

We provide high-quality filling solutions


With more than 25 years in of experience, Volumetric Technologies Inc. is dedicated toproviding high-quality and dependable filling solutions to various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetic, and industrial sectors.

Our products are defined by accuracy, speed, and precision, three outstanding qualities needed in every piece of filling equipment. At Volumetric Technologies, we understand that productivity and ease of process are important for you and your business.

Consider our products and services as investments that will keep paying off for many years to come. Contact us today for more information. For questions, fill out our request form here.  

Choosing a Conveyor System for Food Processing? Stainless Steel is a Great Option

Businesses operating in the food processing industry can benefit from using stainless steel over other materials. According to a report made by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, stainless steel is chemically inert. Its constituent metals do not transfer to or react with food in any significant way. On top of that, the material is versatile. People can manufacture stainless steel into smooth, non-absorbent utensils, equipment, and surfaces.

Companies that need conveyor automation technologies to safely and effectively process and handle edible products, such as ice cream, frozen pizzas, and seafood, can choose conveyor systems constructed with stainless steel. Here’s why this is a great option:

Preserves Flavor

One of the most important qualitative measures for any food is taste. This measure, in fact, is consumers’ number one preference for new foods and beverages. When it comes to food processing, many lower-grade conveyors could affect the quality and flavor of the ingredient or product going through the conveyor equipment. A few select conveyor belt materials, on the other hand, do not affect the quality and flavor. On top of that, food processing conveyors are less likely to produce particulates that could contaminate the products.

Easy to Clean

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict requirements for food processing equipment. Facility managers must take every effort to clean the equipment frequently and avoid the spread of disease and bacteria. The good news is that cleaning is easy with conveyor systems made of stainless steelwith special designs for easy sanitation.There are many belt options and some of them have a nonporous and flat surface and do not absorb bacteria.

Sanitizing stainless steel conveyors is easy, as well. Spraying the equipment down with sanitation solutions and scrubbing it thoroughly will eliminate any germs lingering on the surface.

Ideal for Freezing and Cooking Applications


Stainless steel belts are highly resistant to extreme temperatures. These belts:

Hold up to high heat without losing their shape

Transition smoothly from a freezing stage to a cooking stage (and vice versa)

Are more reliable and last much longer than plastic belts under extreme temperatures

Are great for handling and cooking raw ingredients. They cook food evenly and thoroughly, thanks to the even and quick transfer of heat.

Indeed, a stainless steel constructed conveyor is an excellent piece of equipment in a food processing facility, as it preserves flavor, is easy to clean, and is great for applications that involve cooking and freezing. If you’re looking for this type of conveyor, Volumetric Technologies has what you need. You can easily integrate our stainless steel constructed table-top chain conveyors into your existing machines.

Our conveyors are also available in hygienic, closed top, and open top designs. We produce them for use with all kinds of packaging and filling machines to convey goods to and from various manufacturing lines. Get in touch with us today for inquiries about our conveyors.

Smells Like Profit: Basic Tools You Need for Your Perfume Business

Over the five years leading to 2017, the perfume and fragrance manufacturing industry in the US enjoyed economic growth. More and more consumers spent money on luxury goods in both cosmetics and department stores. In 2017 alone, the industry reached $3 billion in revenue. This data is according to the most recent market report by industry research firm IBISWorld.

If you’re starting a business in this industry, you don’t necessarily have to start big and compete with the giants. Instead, you can run a small perfume business. You can start by drafting a business plan, which includes your product offerings, your target resellers, startup costs, and projected cash flow. On the manufacturing side, you also have to consider where to get your containers and how you plan to make the product. Once the product is made, you also have to consider how to package it. If the business is relatively smaller, there are some basic tools you can’t be without:

Measuring Equipment

In the creation of the perfume, hygiene and accuracy should be the top priorities. To filter fragrances and measure all raw ingredients accurately, you should use measuring equipment like glass measuring cylinders, beakers, and flasks. You should also have a thermometer if a recipe requires a certain temperature for a specific ingredient. But before you use any of these tools, you should wash the glass cylinders and flasks with soapy water and sterilize them with ethanol.

Digital Scale

While cylinders and flasks can do a good job measuring your raw ingredients like oils and other liquids, you can also use a digital scale to weigh out the blends. Digital scales are the best tools you can use for replication of formula and volume accuracy.

Disposable Plastic Pipettes

Pipettes are vital in the entire perfume-making process. You use these to carefully and accurately transfer small amounts of different liquids. They can also be heat-sealed to store samples. While glass Pasteur pipettes come with distinct advantages, such as resistance to high temperature, solvents, and acids, a small-scale perfume business should use disposable plastic pipettes, instead. That is because it is not advisable to use the same dropper for various fragrances. Otherwise, you risk mixing different scents, especially if you haven’t properly sterilized the glass pipette.

Testing Strips

Since you’re now running a business, you might want to get the suggestions and recommendations of as many people as possible regarding your product. You can do so with testing strips, which are free from contaminants. So why not just spray the scent on the body? Perfumes react according to body chemistry, oils, odor, and temperature, which may, in turn, affect the fragrance. The strips, on the other hand, provide a neutral testing area, allowing the true fragrance to come forth.

Bottles and Vials

Once you’ve perfected your signature scents, it’s time to place them in stylish bottles and vials. These not only serve as your containers but are also a representation of your brand, just like any other packaging product. You must make sure that they are well-sterilized and free from pollutants and other chemicals, so they don’t compromise the quality of your perfume.

Like your raw ingredients – oils, flowers, and spring water – the basic tools are necessary and crucial to your budding business. Invest in high-quality products and make sure that you take care of them properly.  Also, be meticulous about proper sterilization and storage of all implements and containers, to ensure that your perfume smells the way it should. From the packaging perspective, if you’re small and just starting out, or expanding your business, you may want to invest in bigger tools, like our filling machines. With machines from small and simple bench top fillers to fully automatic filling lines, we are your solution for filling equipment. Fill out this form for information about our products.

Responding to Customer Demands with Liquid Filling Lines

The food manufacturing industry has seen continuous growth for the past few years. According to Food Engineering’s 2016 Annual State of Food Manufacturing Survey, sales have been consistently high in the industry. The same can be said for 2017 as revealed in that year’s survey.

But along with the increase in sales comes the increase in production demand. To respond to the growing demands, manufacturers felt the need to make improvements in their production.

How Manufacturers Are Improving Their Production

According to the 2016 survey, some manufacturers have invested in infrastructure to expand their plants and increase their production rates. Data from the succeeding year’s report saw companies reaping the benefits of expanding their capacity.

Many companies have also focused on upgrading their equipment as a response to the significant decrease of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in 2016. Respondents said that they set aside around 22 percent of their company’s total budget for new production, packaging, and process control equipment, while 88 percent of the respondents expressed plans to upgrade their existing equipment.

New Priorities Leave Food Safety Behind

As a response to rising consumer demands, workplace expansion and equipment upgrades became the new priorities for manufacturers. Unfortunately, existing priorities and other important aspects of the industry were left in the backseat.

Food safety management, for example, saw a drastic decline. In 2018 alone, Food Engineering has reported at least six cases of companies recalling various food items for the possible presence of salmonella, E.coli, and other disease-carrying microorganisms. To combat this situation, manufacturers intensified their focus on allergen-controlling procedures and preventative control points to reduce the health risks of their food products.

Reliable Filling Machines in the US

Volumetric Technologies presents quality and dependability with reliable filling machines and filling equipment. As a brand that is synonymous with accuracy, speed, and precision, we have solutions that translate to improved processes and higher production. Volumetric Technologies is known in the industry as a leading filling machine manufacturer that guarantees quality and meets a wide variety of needs.

Our liquid filling machines, for example, have an innovative swept product pathway that allows you to fill and deposit your products with more accuracy and less product degradation. Volumetric Technologies liquid filling machines achieve the highest fill accuracy with the lowest level of waste and food safety risks as approved by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration.

Our liquid filling machines are versatile and can fill a variety of products into many variations of containers. Products include salsa, honey, barbecue sauce, peanut butter, muffin batters, fruit fillings, gels, cosmetic creams, and many more!

Why Choose Us

We at Volumetric Technologies want you to have nothing but the best equipment for all your manufacturing and production needs. Stay ahead of the game by eliminating production pain points with our high-performing filling solutions.

For over 25 years, we have helped many companies reach their optimal productivity while reducing costs from wasted product and maintenance downtime.

Volumetric Technologies is the manufacturer that you can trust. Call us today. 

A Guide to Increase Your Bake Shop’s Production

Servo Filler DepositerCakes, muffins, pies, and other baked goods are the perfect choice for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or simply as a standalone desert. These confections require talent and proper equipment to produce high-quality products that can satisfy every sweet tooth. Beyond skillful hands, though, a successful bakery needs the right “ingredients” to achieve consistent success.

Use Smart Equipment

Technology helps a lot of businesses to succeed. As a business owner, you need to take advantage of innovative equipment to increase your production while maintaining the quality of your products.

Your basic bakery equipment may include ovens, mixers, and bakeware, like baking sheets, cake pans, and cupcake tins in different sizes. Determine what type of equipment you need for your production needs. One of the most cost effective and beneficial pieces of equipment is a Volumetric piston depositor. These machines are extremely versatile such that they can improve production for a variety of your bakery products. Examples of products include thick icing, chunky fillings, or batters of all consistencies. These machines can be customized for each specific application with a simple 1-minute changeover of dispensing nozzles.

You may also want to invest in energy-efficient machines because these can help you save on utility bills and even receive benefits from the government. You can coordinate with your local officials to know about grants, energy efficiency loans, and rebates.

Consistent Quality Products

Your customers will keep coming back for your sweet treats if you’re consistent with the quality of your products. It’s crucial to stick with the recipe you know your customers enjoy. This will mean a focus on quality control to maintain the flavor of your baked goods.

Part of quality control entails checking your ingredients to ensure that they do not contain anything that might damage your reputation. For instance, check if your flour contains metal objects or if it has pest infestation.

Another check point for quality control is your employees; you’ll need to make sure everyone on your staff has sufficient training in your processes and for using the equipment.

With proper quality control, you can improve not only your products but your yield as well.

Make sure you have a comprehensive safety plan and compliance with all sanitary codes in your area.

Plan Your Business

Starting a business requires a deft hand as one would need when mixing wet and dry ingredients. You need to spend time on research and planning to find the right mix for a successful bakeshop.

Learning from your competitors is one helpful way to succeed. Don’t be afraid to check what your other bakeries are doing and see how you can do better.

Invest in top-notch equipment to help you produce consistently delicious baked goods that taste amazing and make every occasion extra special. Our technology can contribute to improving the efficiency of your production without compromising the quality of your products.

We offer a range of versatile depositing machines that eliminate wasted product, increase production, and eliminate product degradation. Along with our highest quality depositing equipment, we offer food-grade transfer pumps and conveyors for all of your bakery needs.

Contact us today to learn more on how our technology can help you get your bakery where you want it to be.

A Closer Look: The Pail Line Machine

Volumetric Technologies is proud to manufacture the highest quality and most advanced pail filling machines in the industry. Our Pail Filling Machines are Net Weight Fillers that accurately and automatically fill pails by weight in an efficient manner. For your food, cosmetic, or chemical filling applications, Volumetric Technologies Pail Filling Lines are the perfect solution, with a perfect fit, every time. 

Piston Filling Line

These machines can handle products of any nature such as industrial lubricants, pie fillings, chocolate sauces fruit slurries, and much more. Our Pail Machines are fully customizable with a variety of servo controlled pump options to fit your businesses needs. The Automatic Pail Filling Lines come with the following features:

Net Weight Fillers

These fillers are programmed with user friendly menu driven operator controls by weight to ensure an accurate fill. The net weight fillers come standard with a stainless steel closed top conveyor and optional rotary tables. They are fully adjustable with automatic indexing and filling pump systems. Both fast and slow speed fill nozzles have PLC controllers. Stainless steel features all around including guide rails, conveyor legs, and leveling pads.

Roller Lid Presses

These lid presses feature stainless construction, steel framework, and a heavy duty chain with positive drive lugs. The press is adjustable to lid containers of all sizes with a hand wheel. The press also features locking mechanisms on all four corners, heavy duty gearbox, variable speed frequency drive, and steel leveling pads.

Pail Denesters

The denester separates the pails to accept multiple sizes with minimal changeover. They are pneumatically operated with a photo eye container sensor. As always, all stainless construction for easy cleaning.

Contact Us for Your Filling Machine Needs

Whether chemical, cosmetic, or food, Volumetric Technologies Pail Filling Machines are perfect for all filling needs. These customizable filling machines are powerful and efficient to fill a variety of containers, and are leading the way in packaging equipment production. See how we can help your business, call us at 507-263-0034.

The Filling Line Process: An Overview

Volumetric Technologies Pail Filling and Liquid Filling Machines are top of the line in the industry for automatic filling equipment. Our machines fill each pail or bottle perfectly, every time, with the highest accuracy rate. If your company is in the food, chemical, or cosmetic industries and you need to fill containers at a high speed, Volumetric Technologies Liquid Filling and Pail Filling machines are the perfect solution for sorting, filling, and lidding bottles and pails of all shapes and sizes.

Piston Filling Line

How Our Pail Filling Machines Work

The pail filling process starts with a closed top conveying line, built out of stainless steel.  The desired weight is then entered into the menu driven operator controls.  From there, containers will be denested (separated) and automatically placed onto the conveying line.  The conveying line will index the containers to the filling station, where they are filled using a servo controlled pump.  The type of pump used will be determined by the viscosity of your product.  

Piston Filling Line

When the load cells have determined that the container has reached the desired weight that was entered at the beginning of the process, it is indexed downstream to the roller lid press.  The roller lid press is adjustable to lid containers of different heights.  An optional automatic lid dispenser is also available. All components of the pail line can be utilized separately or together as a complete filling solution.

How the Liquid Filling Lines Work 90 Series Horizontal Piston Filler

The liquid filling process starts with either our 90 series horizontal piston filler or 45 series inline piston filler. The product is deposited into the container using a Stainless Steel 316L filler, with either single or multiple heads. The machine is fast yet gentle on the product and will not compromise the integrity of your liquid. 

This filling machine allows for up to 12 filling stations, that can fill up to 100 deposits per minute. Fully customizable with options including: liquid level controls, dispensing nozzles, bottle rinser, a variety of container escapement choices, travelling carriages, and much more. This is all controlled by the UL listed control panel. 

If you need to fill containers with anything from salad dressing, to paints, to BBQ sauce, Volumetric Liquid Filling and Pail Filling Machines are your solution. Fully automatic, customizable, and user friendly, our equipment can handle all of your company’s filling needs.

Spotlight on Rotary Cup Filling Machines

Rotary Cup Filler MachineAt Volumetric Technologies, we provide top-of-the line Rotary Cup Filling Machines that are designed and manufactured in the United States. Our Rotary Cup Filling Machines are suitable for many industries including food, dairy, and cosmetics and designed to meet your needs to fill, denest, seal, and lid products into stackable containers. 

Depending on your workload specifications, particularly your container, product, and seal type, our fully automatic Rotary Cup Filling Machines can fill up to 50 cups per minute per lane, are made from FDA/USDA approved stainless steel and are suitable for containers ranging from 1oz to 6lbs.

How Do Our Rotary Cup Fillers Function?

Volumetric Technologies’ Rotary Cup Fillers use a vacuum-assisted cup denester to deliver the cups to carrier plates where they are then indexed to a filling station to be filled with liquid or dry products. Your choice of seal is then secured onto the product and the container is indexed to the lid station where a lid is applied if necessary. Finally, the finished container is automatically ejected to a transfer plate or take-away conveyor.

Easily Configured for Your Needs

All Volumetric Technologies’ Rotary Cup Fillers are customizable, designed specifically for your business’ workload and will fill and seal your products with efficiency and impressive results. All of our machines are equipped with a PLC solid state controller and are servo driven for complete flexibility, precision and speed with easy configuration for your products and containers. They also come equipped with touch screen operator interfaces that have menu driven controls for ease of use and adjustability. Rotary Cup Machine Filler

We also provide two filling options for your Rotary Cup Filler: Piston which provides the highest product fill accuracy, with the lowest level of product degradation or Servo Rotary Pump which is ideal for liquids and liquid type slurries with smaller particulates. The entire line of Volumetric Technologies’ cup filling machines come equipped with advanced design features to guarantee that your products are packaged to your specifications every time. If you’re looking for the highest quality cup filling machine in the industry then look no further than Rotary Cup Filling Machines from Volumetric Technologies.

Bakery Depositor & Filling Machine Options from Volumetric

All of Volumetric Technologies filling machines are designed to fill products at the fastest speed with the highest accuracy rate with the lowest level of product degradation. Just like all of our other products, our Piston Bakery Fillers are made with the highest grade of FDA/USDA approved materials and stainless steel. 

Bakery Filler Depositor MachinesFor your bakery kitchen needs, Volumetric Technologies line of Bakery Depositors and Filler Machines are the perfect solution for all your filling needs, whether manual or electric. All machines are customizable and built to be tailored to your individual businesses needs. 

All of our filler and depositor machines start with the horizontal and incline series machines. Read about all of our offerings for depositor and filling lines below.

Piston Filler / Depositors for Bakeries

Bakery Piston FIllers / DepositorFor tray machines, pie lines, and dough sheeters with the ability to handle large particulates, piston filler/depositors are typically used in conjunction with multiple automated lines for efficiency and product preservation. Available in single or multiple head, with numerous options and add-ons such as choice in nozzles, carriages, choice of hopper and much more.

Portable Bench Top Piston Filler

A lightweight, versatile, no electricity required table top filler, bench top piston fillers are perfect for liquid or gel products such as fruit fillings, sauces, shampoos, soaps, essential oils and so much more. Customizable to fit your exact needs, with different nozzle options for multiple bakery needs for filling anything from doughnuts to pies to cupcakes.

Servo Controlled Bakery Filler

A sturdy, user-friendly, dependable Servo filling machine, that can handle up to 18 fills at a time. Control this machine via the touch screen menu to custom configure the machine for your filling purposes. Select this machine for tray filling, cup filling, and pie and doughs.

Pump Fill Station

Bakery Pump Fill StationPerfect for depositing soups, stews, cheese sauces, refried beans and ready to eat products into bags or pouches. This robust machine can handle hot or cold materials, is completely portable, and operated with hand and foot. Make the process one step easier with the available vacuum heat sealer. Our Bakery Pump Fill Stations are easy to break down, easy to clean, since no tools are required for disassembly.

Horizontal Piston Filler

For liquid and semi-liquid products with particulates, the Horizontal Piston Filler is the most innovative machine available. Use this machine either on the floor or on the table for bottom-up filling. Like many of our machines, this comes with your choice of single or multiple head design. Tool-free for easy break-down and in-sink cleaning and height adjustable with manual or electric screw actuators.

Servo Positive Displacement Pump Filler & Depositor

If you want a machine faster than the Piston Filler, with recharge time, then the Servo Pump Filler is right for you. Use this machine for liquids and liquid type slurries with small particulates. This machine comes in a variety of styles for a variety of uses, most commonly for dough sheet lines, ribbon stripper for fruit slurry stripes on dough sheets. Most of our customers use this machine along with a conveyor line to further ease the bottle filling process. Read more about this incredibly accurate Pump Filler.

Volumetric Filling Machines: The Perfect Fit, Every Time

Volumetric Technologies provides the highest quality manufacturing equipment in the food-processing and industry for high-speed, high-quality filling and depositing. Catering to a wide variety of industries, we manufacture filling equipment for the food, dairy, cosmetics, and bakery industries.

Fully Customized, Durable Filling Machines

Custom Filling MachinesVolumetric Technologies filling line equipment is fully customizable according to your product, packaging and business needs. We’re experienced, agile, and leading the way in packaging equipment production.

Our machinery solutions, including filling lines, cup machines, transfer pumps and nozzles, operate at an extremely efficient rate, with ease of use, precision and accuracy, for a precise, clean fill, every time.  

Volumetric Technologies filling lines and cup machines are made from 316L stainless steel and other top quality USDA/FDA materials, with a completely tool free design, as we know cleanliness and precision is a top priority for your business.

Liquid filling machines deliver maximum fill accuracy, at high speeds of up to 100 deposits per head, per minute. Not only are our machines fast but they feature best-in-class reliability. The filling line machines are user friendly and ideal for filling a variety of products into multiple types of containers.

The machines feature several optional add-ons, including liquid control levels, hoppers, a variety of nozzles, and much more, so your machine can be configured for the unique needs of filling your products Our pail filling machines are net weight fillers that are designed to precisely fill pails with product, such as food, chemicals, and cosmetics, by net weight. Net weight pail filling machines have a variety of servo controlled pump options, so we can select the perfect pump needed for filling your products.

Custom Cup Filling Machine Applications

We also manufacture the highest quality inline, rotary, and custom cup machines in the industry. The cup filling machines are perfect for food, dairy, and cosmetics products. These machines can denest, fill, seal, and lid your stackable containers with reliability, accuracy and speed, at 50 cups per minute. Our custom cup packaging machine is equipped with a PLC solid state controller and servo drives, which are easily configurable for your products and containers.  Just like our liquid filling machines, we are proud to boast that our cup filling machines promise a perfect fit, every time.

Contact Us for Your Filling Machine Needs

Volumetric Technologies produces the highest quality filling machines in the food-processing industry, and were proud to be American based, operating out of Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Our products are built to last, easily configurable, and user friendly. We are the leader in the industry for filling machines, with an emphasis on speed, efficiency, and safety at the same time. If you are looking to maximize your filling process, Volumetric Technologies equipment solutions are the perfect fit for your business.