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Better Prepared: Understanding Occupational Hazards in the Food Manufacturing Industry

Based on a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees in the food manufacturing industry are more likely to suffer from injuries, illnesses, and fatalities than employees in other industries. This is attributed mostly to the industry’s diverse work environments which present several health and safety risks.

Common Occupational Risks in the Workplace

Most workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable. Understanding the causes gives you a better insight on how to address them properly. Protect your employees and discover how their health and safety contribute to improving business performance.

Slips and Falls

With several machines pumping out different liquids, food manufacturing plants are more likely to have slip-and-fall accidents. Addressing this problem will entail adopting better work practices and investing in the right tools and equipment. Ensuring all equipment seals are working properly, or a proper fluid dispenser nozzle, in particular, is a helpful tool in making sure there are no leaks or drips that can lead to slips and falls. Choose a design that best suits your needs to improve your machines for safety and performance.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Repetitive motion is often the cause of muscle sprains and strains. Even with different types of equipment available, some employees may still be required to carry out physical tasks. These may range from lifting and carrying packed items to bending over a conveyor belt. Reviewing your current processes will help you identify areas where you can adopt automation. Consider the initial investment in these innovations as a way to reduce employee absenteeism and improve operations.

Burns and Scalds

Food preparation can put your employees close to excessive heat, hot oils, and open flames. A simple mistake may lead to a serious injury when employees are not properly-geared or provided with safety tools. In selecting these items, make sure they protect the wearer completely from burns and scalds. Determine how these injuries occur and introduce new safety procedures to prevent them from happening in the future.

Cuts and Amputations

Employees in food manufacturing plants face the risk of getting cut or sliced by the tools and equipment they use. The worst-case scenario will be if an appendage is chopped off accidentally. Avoid these scenarios by understanding how they happen. Typically, dull cutting tools are just as dangerous as sharp ones because the employee will use more force than necessary. Make sure all tools and equipment are well-maintained to keep employees safe.

High-Performance Equipment from Volumetric Technologies

At Volumetric Technologies, we understand how high-performing equipment improves health and safety in the workplace. We specialize in filling and packaging equipment specifically for the food manufacturing industry. Apart from improving operational performance, these machines have helped employees improve procedures for better safety.

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