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Baking Boom: How to Increase Bakery Profits and Production

According to the American Bakers Association, the combined revenue of the bakery industry in the United States contributed 2.1 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. These bakeries comprise approximately 3,000 independent outfits and 6,000 retail bakeries. The former brings in $30 million in revenue every year, and the latter does $3 billion annually.

Volumetric Technologies can offer bakeries of all sizes the advice and the equipment you need to increase the productivity and profitability of your operation. This process begins with acquiring top-notch equipment.

Machinery Matters

Our product line includes Bakery Belt Conveyors and Piston Depositors. Like all of our products, we designed these machines for versatility throughout your full range of products. You can customize them to suit the output of your bakery, and their stainless steel construction makes them perfect for the hygienic requirements of the food industry.

Making your bakery profitable starts with purchasing machinery that matter, that contributes to the success of your business. However, your path to improved productivity and profitability also involves streamlining your production line and using innovative marketing methods.

Perfecting Production

As a product provider, you have to match your customers’ demands with just the right amount of supply. Once you have the perfect equipment to produce your baked goods, you’ll need to synchronize your production line. By scheduling and timing the activities of everyone involved in the baking process, you can increase the number of orders in a given period. Synchronization also makes the quality of your products more consistent. You can even use the time gained from the efficient flow to expand the number of products your bakery offers.

Often times your primary consideration for synchronizing your bakery is the oven. Its capacities dictate how many products you produce and how long you have to wait to produce the next batch. The oven becomes the benchmark of your production line, and you should time all related activities to its capacity. This will ensure little to no delays between baking batches and increase the output of your bakery.

Of course, once your delicious products are out of the oven, you’re going to need a creative way to tempt people into purchasing them. This is where savvy marketing steps in.

Marvelous Marketing

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The key to making your bakery’s brand stand out is to determine your business’s unique selling proposition. What makes your bakery better than others? Tapping into specialized segments of the consumer market or popular dietary trends will benefit you here. Consider serving vegan options or keto-friendly merchandise. Perhaps you can advertise that your ingredients come from local vendors or strictly within the United States.

Once you’ve locked on to your unique selling proposition, use new mediums to spread the word. Social media platforms and digital frontiers offer you ways to reach untold millions of potential customers. They also give you methods to easily engage with your potential and actual customers, which can give you an edge over the competition.

Synchronized production lines and smart marketing campaigns, however, all depend on your ability to create quality products in enough quantities.

Designed for Efficiency

Volumetric Technologies can supply you with the machinery you need to boost your bakery’s profits and production. Through our solutions, you’ll eliminate delays and breaks in your product processing line. Whether you need an upgrade or looking to increase the efficiency and consistency in your operations, we’ll fulfill your needs.

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