Advantages of Using a Piston Depositor in Your Bakery

As COVID-19 emphasized the need for less human effort in food production, manufacturers are more willing to adopt automation, allowing firms to rely more on machinery. A piston depositor  is one of the most significant pieces of machinery that businesses are investing in.

Smart business owners are converting to automated food materials like depositors because these machines boost efficiency and revenues. The piston depositor offers precision to your production lines by allowing for accurate and drip-free depositing.

Today, there are numerous piston depositors that can be customized to meet specific production requirements. When purchasing this equipment, you should be aware of the following benefits.

Why Piston Depositors are a Good Investment

Higher Quantity in Production

You’ll need all the support you can get when you want to churn out dozens upon dozens of pastries and thousands of cream-filled delicacies. Your depositing processes can be completed quickly and efficiently with a piston depositor, ensuring that not a single second of your day is wasted.

Automation eliminates the need for your personnel to complete repetitive operations and reduces the risk of human mistakes. For example, depositing machines boost productivity and lower operational costs in a food manufacturing plant by allowing continuous processing and more exact product packing.


Sanitation is one of the most concerning aspects of putting new equipment into your production. Customers may fall ill if your baked goods become contaminated, which can harm your company’s reputation. It is for this reason that correct processing and packaging processes are important.

In the food industry, consumer allergies are some of the most common concerns. Sanitary depositors ensure products with known allergens are separated by employing product guards to keep contaminants away from product zones, thus preventing cross-contamination.

Consistencykinds of bread

A depositor should be an essential part of every bakery’s kitchen, whether it’s a large-scale company or a smaller one.

Product uniformity is critical in a bakery for producing consistent and sellable goods. If you don’t utilize the appropriate amount and composition of batter every time, your bakery will lose money.

When you use a depositor to automate your baking procedures, you can be guaranteed that you’ll get the same amount of product in the same pattern every time.

They Deliver Perfect Packaging

You can experiment with different patterns and packing strategies with the right depositor. After all, taste isn’t the only factor buyers consider when purchasing baked products; packaging is also important.

You must utilize clean, secure, and hygienic packaging while creating and promoting your baked goods. In fact, it’s been proven that if your packing isn’t up to standard, you could potentially lose more than half of your customers.

Quality Piston Depositor Machines from a Trusted Manufacturer

At Volumetric Technologies, we’ve assisted customers in increasing productivity and lowering costs by delivering reliable equipment that improves the efficiency and accuracy of their production lines.

To learn more about how our technology can help you get your bakery to where you want it to be, contact us at 507-263-0034 or fill out our online form today and let’s find the right piston depositor for your bakery.